Sunday, June 22, 2008

Johnny and I went to Lake Powell this past weekend. We decided it was time for a break from work and time to play in the water. We had lots and lots of fun!

We got to the wahweap campground late on Thursday night and set up our tent in the dark. The next morning when we went to put on our shoes, we realized that we had a campsite covered in thorns.
But we did also find that we had a pretty nice view of the lake from our site. It was nice to eat breakfast and look at the lake.

Friday morning while Johnny and I were eating breakfast we had a few different visitors. First, we had a lizard come run by and do some push-ups for us. After that we saw a couple of jack rabbits. And last we saw a chipmonk playing on our car tires.

On Friday morning Johnny and I drove down to Page AZ to rent a kayak. We find the rental store with few difficulties and shortly had a kayak strapped to the roof of our Taurus. After finally getting the kayak in the lake, we had fun "cruising" around and looking at things. We ate lunch on the lake while we just floated.

After we ate lunch we found a fun place to swim and play.

Saturday morning, Johnny and I packed up our things because we had to be our by 11. But we didn't leave yet, we picked up the waverunner rental. No we didn't tow that with our car, we had to rent a tow vehicle as well. At first I was scared like crazy on the waverunner, but Johnny let me take the first turn driving so I could get a little less afraid. I got more used to it, but it wasn't until my second turn when I found a boat that made awesome wakes that I really had fun.

After I had as much fun as I could handle, I let Johnny take it out solo so he could do all the crazy things I wouldn't let him do with me on board. He never flipped it so it wasn't that crazy, but sharp turns and speed make me nervous.


@J & Je$$i said...

Yay! Now you have a blog. Fun pictures! Looks like you had a great weekend!

Karissa & Cory said...

That is so freakin' awesome! That looks like a total blast! How fun!!!