Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Camping with the Mays'

(Side note: sorry this post is SO long, I had issues with the pictures formatting on the page so they took up a lot of space)
Over Labor Day weekend, Johnny and I went camping with my family. We went to Boulder Mountain and camped in a nice spot, SingleTree campground. On the drive down to the camp area, sunflowers lined the road, as seen in the picture below. There was just something about those sunflowers that made me happy and want to smile.
Once we got to the campground we set up our tent and relaxed by playing a nice game of frisbee for me and Johnny and catch for Jess and my mom.

More sunflowers.

I know Jess said that the sunrise was really pretty, but I think that the sunset was very pretty too. And since I'm too lazy to wake up for the sunrise, I took pictures of the sunset. A campfire picture of Grandpa Rob and Livvy

Here is the beginning of our hike through Spooky and Peak-a-Boo. It was a very warm day so it was a good thing we all brought lots and lots of water.

I am a bit claustrophobic, so this hike was a little difficult for me, but it was a lot of fun! Although I did get a little frustrated at some points, I enjoyed the challenge and hiking the beautifully, and naturally, carved slot canyons.

Here's Johnny relaxing in a tree while waiting for the rest of the group.

I'm not trying to pose silly here, I am showing off my clay bracelet that Johnny found. It was a piece of clay that curled just right to fit around my wrist. It unfortunately broke right after this picture.
After the hike, Johnny and I were a bit worn out... :)
After the hike we drove over to Devil's Garden. Jess and I tried to find this place early this year and ended up finding a different Devil's Garden. So I am very happy to know that the place I remembered really does exist.
On Sunday, Johnny and I visited the local ward. Later that afternoon, I slept for about 3 hours. Good thing too because I didn't sleep too well Sunday night.
Sunday night there was a very big rain and wind storm. The wind was so strong it ripped a strap off our tent. Also, the lightning was so bright that it woke me up. And the thunder was so close it rumbled the ground- that part made me a bit nervous. But all turned out well and the storm eventually died out.
All in all, the family camping trip was very fun and I'm excited to do it again.

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Laurie Mays said...

I'm glad we could do a family camping trip. Maybe we will start a tradition for an annual trip. Great pictures of Spooky and Peek-a-boo canyons.