Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Birthday

My birthday was last Sunday. On Friday night, or well Halloween, I had a dinner with my sisters and their hubbies. It was fun. The boys played video game until both Jess and I passed out on Erika's living room floor.

Johnny helped me to have a fantastic birthday and a great weekend. He kept saying that he didn't get me a birthday present. Then on Saturday afternoon and looks at me sheepishly and says that he is trying to decide something.. Whether to give me my present or not. He decided to and pulls it out from where it was hidden about 3 feet from where I was sitting.

This is what he gave me for my birthday (and Christmas)

It is SO cool. There are a bunch of free games you can download and enjoy in your spare time. I very much enjoy the video and music and picture features. I also enjoy surfing the web on it and the map function. Overall, it is a very fun and innovative creation.

Then later that night, Johnny took me to The Mayan Adventure (as stated in my earlier post). That restaurant is really fun and a very different experience. They have diving shows and good Mexican food. Yes. I did say diving shows, as in people diving into the water. They are very fun to watch.

On Sunday I celebrated my birthday with Johnny's family. I ate a fantastic meal of pot roast and mashed potatoes. Topped off with a very tasty chocolate cream pie and chocolate ice cream. My in-laws gave me a couple fantastic presents and took lots of pictures of all us kids being ourselves- silly. I had a great birthday dinner and evening. :)

Thanks to everyone that made my birthday special!

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Laurie Mays said...

Hey Monie, It sounds like you had a fun birthday. Cool gift! The restaurant sounds like an exciting place to go to. I'll have to check it out sometime.

Love, MOM