Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Car

This past New Years, Johnny and I decided to look at some cars as a car we owned was having some issues. We drove up to the car place with the intention to just look around, but found a car that we both really like and felt good about. We ended up trading in our Ford Escort for a Jeep Liberty.

I had Johnny take a picture of me with "BT" before I had to say goodbye. This is the car that I learned to drive in. It took me where I needed to go in high school and college. It has served me well.

As sad as I was to say goodbye, I am very excited for the adventures we will have with this new car. We decided to get an SUV so we could have a little more fun when we go camping. We already are planning a trip down to southern Utah to try our hand at 4-wheeling. :)

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Cory said...

Hey! Nice new car! It was good to see you guys at 24 Hour Fitness the other day!