Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Johnny and I are outdoors sort of people and so we love to go camping. For Johnny's spring break this year we went camping in the Moab, Utah area. We had a few plans for the camping trip but things turned out a little different than expected.
Originally we were planning to camp at Squaw Flat campground in Canyonlands. We got to the campground late Wednesday night to find that it was already full. So we drove down to Monticello and found a hotel for the night. The hotel was pretty nice. It had pretty red carpet and a 70's-80's sort of design. But there was a bed, free breakfast in the morning, and free Internet. Anywhere that I can check Facebook is a winner to me. :)
So Thursday morning, Johnny and I got out the maps and scouted out a couple of campgrounds around Canyonlands that could work for us. We drove back there and ended up finding a camping spot at Hamburger Rock Campground. The campground was pretty neat. There were camping spots all along the side of the big pile of boulders. There were even places to camp on top of the boulders. So we paid the fee and pitched our tent. Then we set off to do what we drove out there to do- test out our new Jeep.

The road we were camping on was the beginning of a jeeping trail that was listed in our jeeping handbook we bought. It was one that I picked out from the book and talked over with my Dad. Johnny and I were both excited to try it, so we put away our things and started out. We got about 10 minutes into the drive. The part we had driven was fun- there was a river we had to cross and a steep hill we had to drive up. Johnny was doing a fantastic job at driving. But at the top of the hill, the road was closed off. So I closed my eyes as Johnny maneuvered the car so we could turn around and go back to camp.

We decided to drive into Canyonlands and try out a different trail- the Colorado River Overlook. The trail was really fun. There were really tall grasses at some points that Johnny and I joked about us being on a Safari. The car handled really well on all the crazy parts. I think I held up pretty well too- I didn't even get out of the car to walk. Johnny and I talked through the difficult parts and made plans and how best to drive over them. We drove most the way and then decided it was time to go back for food. Right about the point were we decided to turn back, the driver's side window got stuck in the down position.

When we got to our camp we decided on having some cheeseburgers. Well we forgot our lighter. That shouldn't have been a big problem, but our matches didn't work. So we spent about a hour or so trying to get a fire started with no success. We finally gave up and drove back to town to get some dinner.
I didn't think about how chilly the drive would be back to town, so I didn't bring any blankets or extra layers. Johnny let me borrow his jacket and hat to help keep me warm. We also turned on the heater to help out. On the drive back to town we saw all sorts of cows and deer. We were lucky never to hit any.

We had a nice dinner at one of the few restaurants they have in town. Then, we bought a lighter and a couple other things and headed back to camp. On the way back to camp we saw the usual deer and rabbits that are out at night. But as we turned a corner on the road we saw something neither Johnny nor I had seen previously during our trip. We both were trying to figure out what it was when the animal turned around to look at us. We realized it was a bobcat. Instantly my mind goes to the open window. But the bobcat just turned back around and finished walking across the road. (The next morning, Johnny saw a devoured deer carcass not far from where we saw the bobcat.)

Friday, we decided to go up to Moab and revisit a jeeping trail we had attempted last year in our Taurus. The trail is called Onion Springs and is a very delightful trail. You get to drive through a bunch of stream beds and then over a bridge and up the ridge of a canyon. The view is spectacular from the top. Johnny had me drive the last little bit of that trail on the way back to the road- just so I could say I have jeeped. (I made sure he drove the cliff parts though- I'm pretty sure the driver isn't supposed to shut their eyes.)

After that trail we went to hike Fisher's Tower. We kind of made up part of our own trail on the way up, but the hike was very fun. The views were just beautiful. We also saw some repellers while we were hiking. Just the thought of the heights they were at made me sick. We drove back to Moab after that and cleaned up a little at the Visitor's Center. Then I talked Johnny into staying in town and eating dinner at one of the restaurants there. Johnny claims that is his new favorite restaurant. The food was very good- quite to my liking.

After dinner, we drove back to camp and set up Johnny's telescope. Without all the light pollution from the city, we could see SO many stars. The sky was just amazing to look at.
Saturday morning we packed our things up and headed home. We had to travel with several layers and a blanket or two to stay warm on the way back.
All in all, the camping trip was quite unique, but very fun- we always had a back up plan to keep us happy.


Tay and Krissy said...

This sounds like so much fun!!! Someday you'll have to come down to AZ and go camping with us! :) Glad to see everything is going well with you guys! I miss you!!!

Karissa said...

Wow - that looks like an amazing vacation!!! Fun fun fun! =)

We totally need to hang out again!!!

Lacey said...

I had no idea you were so outdoors-y! Those are awesome pictures.
We are doing well. How is your job going?