Monday, August 3, 2009

MLS All Star Game

On Wednesday July 29, my boss announced he had won 2 tickets to the MLS All Star game, but was unable to go so they were available to the first taker.

For those who don't know Johnny very well, he LOVES soccer. He grew up playing it and loves to watch it as well. So I told Johnny about the tickets and he said he would like to go. I told my boss we would like the tickets and he said they were all ours.

Johnny picked me up from work and we drove up to Salt Lake to pick the tickets up. Then we had ourselves a nice, yummy dinner at Costa Vida. After that we headed over to Rio Tinto stadium to watch the MLS All Star game. We had GREAT seats! Front row just to the right of the north goal. (BTW, we forgot our camera at home. But luckily, Johnny has a decent camera on his cell phone.)

Here is a picture of the shoot out.

I almost forgot... Johnny reminded me of my favorite part of the soccer game. The teams came out onto the field to warm up and practice. England's Everton was warming up on the north side of the field- where we were. The Everton team was practicing shooting goals on their goalie Tim Howard. One of the teammates hit the ball at just the right angle that it went over Howard, over the goal, and right into a little kids face. (No, my favorite part was not the little kid getting hit- just keep reading on.)

Well the Everton player ran over to the kid in the stands and started comforting him, giving him a hug and patting his shoulder. I was shocked that a professional soccer player would be so kind to a little kid he didn't even know. Then Howard ran over and comforted the little boy too. AND pulls off his practice shirt and gave it to the boy. Then about 10 minutes late the teammate that kicked the ball comes running back to the kid and his family with a real jersey (I heard whispers that it was signed by all the team members). Then to top it off that player came running back out again with a game ball.

I was in awe that these players cared enough about the little boy to make sure he was ok and then give him some really nice things. I joked to Johnny that I'd take a ball to the face if it meant I got to meet Howard and get a bunch of really cool free stuff. It didn't happen though, but I guess that's ok.


Jessica said...

How FUN!

Karissa said...

This is a cool story. I'm glad when things work out and when people try to make things right. Awesome!