Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Christmas Break and Pictures

Over the Christmas break Johnny and I had lots of fun visiting many family members. I know it's already March and I'm just now getting to this post, all I have to say is we've been a little busy.

We first went down to St. George to visit my sister and her family. We had lots of fun spending a couple days with them. I forgot to bring down mine and Johnny's stockings so Erika helped me to make some new ones.

Then we went down to Vegas and visited with Johnny's sister and her family. Johnny and I had lots of fun playing with her little girls.

These pictures are some of the pictures I took on the drive down to Vegas and then down to Mesa. Yes, they may be a bit blurry, but I still think they are pretty good for taking while Johnny was driving the car.

Then we drove down to Mesa to visit my parents. Oh how I miss that warm state! Anyway... Johnny and I enjoyed just relaxing and spending time with family. While we were down in Arizona, I took advantage of the still living landscape (compared with Utah's dead and covered in snow landscapes) and took a few pictures of the beautiful flowers at the Mesa temple.

In the end of January we went back down to St. George to visit my sister after she had her baby and also for my niece's birthday. I had loads of fun trying out my new camera there with such wonderful subjects. :) Unfortunately though, I'm still trying to figure out how to use the thing. So several of the pictures weren't quite to my liking, but at least I got a couple that I liked.