Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Photo Contest

Here in Cedar everyone is given a free copy of the local newspaper, Iron County Today. A couple weeks ago I was looking at the paper and saw an article about a Fall Photo Contest. I haven't ever entered any photo contest and thought it could be fun and perhaps good experience to enter. I almost chickened out- and not to mention fall here happens pretty close to the deadline.

I finally decided a couple of days before the deadline to go ahead and submit a couple of pictures. Today, we received the paper with the contest results. Here is the page:

Here is a close up of the results:

Ok, for those of you who can't read tiny-fine-print-sort-of-fonts... I didn't win. BUT, I did receive an Honorable Mention. I was #7 overall out of 12. Granted, I have no idea how many people actually entered the contest, but if it is anything like how many people in Cedar apply for a receptionist position (90) or for a part time, professional house cleaning job (60), then I feel pretty good about my work. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Around Town

Since I am still currently unemployed, I have taken the opportunity to take some pictures around the Cedar area, some from my own "backyard" even. These are my favorites:

Kanaraville (just south of Cedar City):

My "backyard:"