Friday, June 10, 2011

Something New

At the beginning of this year I saw a link on the SUU website for local artist to submit samples of their work to be considered in the SUU Art Auction. I thought, well just submitting something sure doesn't hurt anything. So I submitted my samples and awaiting a response.

I got an email back several days later, saying that SUU would be happy to include one of my pictures in the auction. I was thrilled! So I got it framed, had the picture printed 2 times until I finally had it printed for a third time at this awesome frame shop in Cedar.

I really didn't think my picture would sell, so Johnny and I said to each other, well at least I can say I had artwork in an art auction.
I found out a month or so later, that my artwork actually did sell. So now, someone I don't know has my picture hanging in their home. Crazy!

A little bit after this happened I got another email from SUU which said the following:

"You are cordially invited to participate in the Southern Utah Art Invitational Exhibit and Sale at the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, on the campus of Southern Utah University. You have been selected
to participate in this exhibition based on the high quality of your past body of work and to thank you for your support of the annual Art Auction."

Pretty much, I was blown away and couldn't believe that I was given the opportunity to be part of an art gallery! So I got a couple more pictures printed and framed and took them to the gallery. I'm so excited to go to the gallery and see my photographs, my artwork, on the wall!

If any of your are planning to drive through Cedar or visit the Shakespeare Festival, I invite you to take a minute to stop by the Braithwaite building on the SUU campus and visit the gallery. :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Silhouette Fun

I always seem to forget what I put in my white jars so I decided to make labels with my Silhouette machine. Now I don't have to open each one to find what I'm looking for! :)

To make these labels, I took clip art pictures and then turned them into cutting files in the Silhouette Studio software by using the trace function. For some of them I did have to simplify them in Photoshop before I could trace them in Silhouette Studio and get a desired result.

After I trace the designs, I added the words in my font of choice. Now I never have to second guess what is in each jar and they look cute in my kitchen.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Johnny and I decided that we needed a new adventure in our lives so we got ourselves a puppy named Zoe. Zoe is a Shiba Inu and a very beautiful- and funny- pup. It definitely has been an adjustment having her around, but we seem to be getting into the swing of things again. Here are a couple of pictures for your enjoyment. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just for Karissa :)


Do you remember those strings of brown beads that we could never find a use for when we were roommates? Five years later... I finally found a good use for them!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our NEW Apartment!

Johnny and I moved into a new apartment last weekend. We are so glad to be in a new apartment! Our last one didn't have central AC or heat and it was ridiciously inefficient. We are very excited to have central AC and heat again and to have tv again. We are also excited to have a little more space, a balcony, and a storage room!
Some poeple mentioned it would be nice to see some picture so here you go.

Here is our living room.

Here is our new kitchen. The layout is much better than our last kitchem- I'm super excited to have counter space again. However, there still wasn't quite enough storage space and not much drawer space, so we improvised a little.
Here is our eating area. You can see the our storage a little on the right.
Here is our balcony we are super excited to try out this summer! I picked this apartment in particular so that we could watch the sunset as we ate dinner out on our balcony. :) Oh and side note, you can see we live right next to a playground, so those of you with kids please come visit and try it out. And those of you without kids, please come visit and try it out too. ;)
Here is our laundry room. I'm excited to have a full shelf in there again.
This is our bathroom.
Here is our bedroom. The sun helps wake me up in the morning since our room faces east.
And the room I may be the most excited about... Here is my CRAFT room!! :) AKA our spare bedroom. Johnny and I were talking earlier and we think this is the first time we really have a spare bedroom that we can use.

This is our utility closet that also doubles as our camping storage space.

Hope that you enjoyed the tour!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Projects!

I made a couple more purses for my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. Pictures of the finished purses are below. Since I have had such a warm response to my purses, I am going to be making some more for others to purchase. Pictures to come.

I also made a thank you card as follow up for a job interview I recently had. I made it with my very own SILHOUETTE SD machine I won! :) Future project pictures to come!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Silhouette Giveaway

So I was totally trying to avoid posting about this since I try to keep my blog more about mine and Johnny's lives then to try to win things, but I finally gave in.

I totally want to win the Silhouette machine! This machine is way awesome and you can do so many things with it!

You can enter too here!