Friday, June 22, 2012

May and June 2012

The month of May was sure exciting and also super crazy. As mentioned in my previous post, Johnny graduated from Southern Utah University on May 4th. Yay! He then worked tirelessly to find a job. At first he applied to jobs all over the US, but after some thinking and much praying we decided to narrow the field to the Salt Lake area. He drove up to Salt Lake several times throughout the month for interviews. After lots of craziness, Johnny finally got a job in Springville, UT.

He decided on the job last Friday May 25, but with the long weekend things weren't finalized until Tues May 29th. With his interviews going very well, we had taken a leap of faith and scheduled a moving truck, before he received a job offer, for Sat June 2. So we had about 4 real days to find somewhere to live in the Springville area. With outrageous rent prices and the added difficulty of trying to rent somewhere pet friendly, we sure had a fun time trying to find somewhere to live. Not to mention the apartment complex we had our eyes on turned out to have false advertisement online regarding allowing pets. So we had to scramble at the super last minute (Thursday night and Friday morning) to try for plan B. We ended up finding a cute little townhouse to rent and it all worked out.

Here are some pictures of our new place. 

(Please excuse the folding chairs in this picture- we bought this table on a fantastic clearance deal and haven't had the funds yet to get some chairs that fit. So we are slumming it with folding chairs for now, it works. :)  )

Since June is almost over I'll just add in a little update for this month. I quit my job in Cedar City on June 1, and was lucky enough that a position opened up for the Spanish Fork branch the day I left the Cedar Branch. So I hurried and applied to that position. I interviewed for it and started my first day on June 11. I was joking with my mom that my plans never work out, but this one sure worked out perfectly and the timing couldn't have been better.


Karissa said...

Congrats to both of you on your new jobs! And your townhouse looks great =)

JWilcox said...

What a cute place you have!